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COVID-19 Resources

We are constantly monitoring the evolving State of Arkansas COVID-19 pandemic school policies and mandates. We have information below as it relates to our campus and how we will address COVID-19 circumstances as they arise. State mandates are fluid and we will update procedures as necessary. Please contact us if we can answer any questions for you. You can call us at 479-279-8700 or email oas.elementary@gmail.com.


COVID Questions and Answers

Thank you, parents, for all of your COVID questions. I will post them here so that others that may have the same question can see them.

With the recent mandatory mask wearing, will the students continue to attend school mask-free? I assume so as the desks will be 6 feet apart but just making sure.

Related Question: Is the plan still set for face-to-face learning via social distancing?


Answer: The governors mandate excludes children 9 and under. Older children will not have to wear them if they are physically distanced such as at their desks. However, students who get up from their desks to get a drink or use the restroom will need to put the mask on until they return to their desk. Students coming into the school in the morning will also need to wear a mask as we will not be able to properly physical distance. Students will not be required to wear a mask outside but should physically distance.


 How will recess look? Will kids be allowed to play as usual? Will there be regulations and, if so, what will those be?

Answer: Recess will look much the same except that classes will be scheduled to have recess without any other classes present, keeping each class in a “bubble” so that if an outbreak occurs, we can hopefully keep it in one class with no additional virus spread. We will be talking with students about staying an arm’s length apart realizing that younger children may not do this as well. Other than that, younger children will play as normal.


 If we move to distance learning, what will it look like? What are the responsibilities of the parents? Teachers?

Answer: Distance learning can be chosen if that is best for your child, or if the school is mandated to go to distance learning due to COVID. For grades 5 through 8 we have the OWL 360 cameras that will be connected through zoom and students will tune in to watch their classes live. Then they will do their assigned work and submit via google classroom, email or text. The teacher will stay in touch with those learning at home to make sure they are understanding their work. Students will need to zoom each day and complete their assignments. Parents will need to support the teacher and student through encouragement and expressing needs so teachers may address them. Parents may need to guide smaller children through lessons.


 If we move to hybrid learning, what will that look like? What about families with multiple children in multiple grades?

Answer: Just so we can be clear, hybrid learning, meaning blended learning, where some students are at home and some are at school. We will use this method described above for those at home. (Answer to Question 3) The teacher will be teaching in class and at home simultaneously. The students in class and at home can participate, ask questions, and the teacher will touch base with those at home to make sure they are learning. Students should stay in touch with the teacher so they know what the schedule will be. Families with students in multiple classrooms will need to be sure all students are logging into their zoom every day. Chrome books and iPads are provided for students to use to do their work at home.


Will students be able to buy lunch this year?

Answer: Yes, hot lunch will be served this year, however, it will be individually packaged and brought to each classroom. Classes will eat in their room.


May students wash their hands and not use hand sanitizer?

Answer: Yes, there is a sink available in each room, so students have the option to wash with soap and water instead of with hand sanitizer.


 What is in the cleaner that you use to sanitize the rooms?

Answer: The solution we will use for our new handheld electrostatic mister is VitalOxide. This is used in hospitals, restaurants, airplanes, and schools. It is sprayed in each room when the kids are not present and evaporates before they inhabit the room.  Click HERE for more information.


 If we enroll and classes, go to online and we don’t want to do online are we stuck in a contract for the year?

Answer: Absolutely not--! You may withdraw at any time and not incur additional tuition fees. Should your child’s enrollment withdraw be related to COVID issues, we will refund your registration fee and any pre-paid tuition payments you made. You will only be asked to pay for the time your child was enrolled. We believe we offer a quality education both in the classroom and online, and we hope that you feel the same way. We welcome your suggestions and feedback, while we strive to make OAS the best possible educational experience for your child.


 Will there still be band and gymnastics after school?

Answer: Yes! However, due to COVID safety concerns band will be Handbells for 1st semester at least. (Easier to control germ spread) They will be offered after school just like last year however, they will be at our school and not at the academy. STEAM will be offered after school and will be in the Pathfinder building just down the hill from the school. More information on all these programs will be sent home the first week of school.


 Will there be basketball?

Answer: Sadly, no. COVID regulations do not allow it however they will allow softball! So, we will be offering softball intramurals instead of basketball. We are very excited about this! It will be offered for grades 3rd through 8th. More information to come as we finalize the softball program. Meanwhile get those softball gloves ready!


*Coach Hagele will provide basketball practice videos for students so they can keep up their skills for when Basketball returns!


Don’t see your question here? Text it to me and I’ll be glad to answer it and add it to the site. 817-933-2446